Linda Ly


Dong Nguyen

Wedding Party

Allison Ly

Matron of Honor

When I hang out with Linda and Dong, a lot of the times I find myself drinking boba or eating at a Vietnamese restaurant- but that’s probably an experience many people share. One unique and exciting fact about me is that on August 10, 2019 I will officially have a brother-in-law!!!  (P.S. I'm Linda's little sister)

Erika Wong


Copied from my online dating profile: “I love a man whose confidence in knowing that the excellent form, the perfect touch, and the exquisite taste of boba is the most important detail of life. If that doesn’t tell you all you need to know about me, then you’re not the 100% sweet date I’m looking for.”  Shout out to Linda and Dong for allowing me to realize that my taste in boba is supreme to all y’all.

Jessy Chua Tsang


I'm Jessy, one of Linda’s childhood friends. I love to spend my time in the outdoors, but I don’t usually get a lot of free time, so I end up spending most of my time on the couch instead. My favorite video games were played on a Sega Game Gear, Nintendo, and Super Nintendo. I also love gardening and taking care of furry critters. 7th grade math class is where it all began for me and Linda. From there on, we shared several proverbial moments of our adolescence, from learning to drive, getting through every challenging stage of school, and spending hours on the phone, especially when it came to talking about falling in love. Enter Dong, the silly, Boba-loving, joke-telling boy from NorCal who swept Linda off her feet. In the short years, I’ve known him, I know with absolute certainty that there is nobody more perfect for Linda. Im beyond excited to be celebrating this next step of their lives with them.

Mimi Oh


Outdoors enthusiast, coffee addict, chocolate connoisseur, and mother to the cutest chickadees. Long time friend of Linda’s. Skills include being able to communicate with Linda at all times from LA to the Bay. 2019 New Years resolution - to hang out with Linda more and celebrate her and Dong’s big day :)

Queena Tea


Hi I'm Queena! I'm like everyone else. Cute puppy videos, great food, and good company makes this world go round. I also think boba milk tea is great, but I don't think I'll know anyone else who loves it more than Linda and Dong. Hands down.

Sylvia Lim


Hey all! My name is Sylvia and I’m Linda’s psychic/China plate. We’ve known each other since the 7th grade and we’ve seen each other grow up these past ~20 years. Now she’s getting married! I can’t wait to celebrate with you all on this special day! 

Tammy Huynh


Hi, my name is Tammy Huynh! I have known Linda since middle school and met Dong not by choice in college. Linda and I rekindled our friendship after college on the boulevard of brea and Wilshire over multiple drinks of amf. During Dong quick visit in LA to see his still favorite person in the whole wide world, Robbie, he met Linda. I was officially their matchmaker and confident to say that they will name their future baby after me.

All jokes aside, so blessed to be here on this page today and to be apart of this beautiful wedding!

Davis Duong

Best Man

Never have I ever... 

1) Broke into the restroom while someone was showering, poured cold water on them, and then ran out with all of their clothes and towels.

2) Pulled someone’s pants down while their hands were too occupied washing dirty dishes.

3) Made someone move 300 miles away because they couldn’t handle my many pranks.
You’ll find out the answers on Dong & Linda’s big day. I’m not the best influence, but that’s what makes the best memories, right?

Kenny Song

Best Man

It was bid night at the frat house. Several pledges were asked to line up next to each other based on height. I was #2 and there was this dorky-looking short viet kid who stood next to me. He was #1 because he was the shortest. 

We went through some formalities with the actives and suddenly, in a matter of milliseconds, the active members turned 180 degrees and the whole room turned into a marine Corp boot camp. 

In the midst of the yelling, an active member yelled, “Which one of you was dancing on the table with their shirt off?!”

The dorky Vietnamese boy raises his hand. 

“It was you?! Give me 50 push ups! All of you!”, he yells. 

“What’s your name pledge?”
“Sir, Dong Nguyen, sir!”

That’s how I met Dong for the first time. 

Erik Lee


My earliest memory of Dong was at a Lambda house rush party. From the corner of my eye, I see this ghetto fab-Jin wannabe figure dancing on a table. My first reaction was "WTF" way this guy is ever crossing.  Years later, I can say we've become good friends. We've gone to Vegas road trips, Santa Con in SF, and many more memories. He's been there when I had car headlight issues and when my dad passed.  Deep down, Dong is genuine person and I'm proud to have a friend like him. Linda, you're lucky to marrying a great guy. I wish both of you a lifetime of happiness. 

Robbie Uyeda


My Memories of Dong throughout the years:

  • I first met Dong at UC Santa Cruz during the same house party mentioned in Kenny’s blurb above.Kenny’s blurb mentions a dorky looking Vietnamese kid dancing shirtless on a table… I first met Dong later that night when he started dancing shirtless on a couch.
  • Dong and I became housemates during our senior year. That year, I woke up in horror, on numerous occasions, to Dong attempting to spoon me. As far as I know he has only succeeded once. I say “has” because he still attempts to spoon me…
  • I can say that I was there when Dong and Linda first met. I wish I could say that I saw sparks flying that night, but Linda got me drunk and so I can’t remember much. I vaguely remember that Tammy girl being there though. Oh, and John and Kevin were definitely there. Cheers guys!
  • Third wheel to Dong and Linda’s relationship, I can honestly say that what Dong and Linda have together is truly special. They are what happens when two amazing people find each other and fall in love. It is an awesome experience to witness and I am beyond fortunate to have them both in my life.

Ngu-Ly-Uyed 2019!

Sean Pan


We are Farmers! bum-bun-bum-bun-bum-bun-bum-bump! That's where it all began...and a baby-faced asian boy asked me to go to Panda Express with him. I held the door (of course) because his hands are too soft and delicate. I was that door man--my name is Sean Pan. Don't forget it. 

Vincent Yu


Dong and I were destined to meet each other. We went to different high schools. Somehow he was dating my cousin. He has since improved his game. Dong was able to lock in Linda! They are perfect together. So, more about me. I’m honored to be Dong’s groomsman. They call me Vince. I am a Murse at SF General Hospital. No, not the Facebook hospital. I work from a cubicle. I submitted my time off for the wedding. I hope boss approves. We’ll find out. I am irreplaceable.
Petra Kern